About Cruise Tours

 Shore excursions are a very important aspect of your cruise vacation.  What you experience in each port-of-call can create amazing memories.  Shore excursions can also be a significant part of the overall cost of your cruise.

So wouldn’t you like to see what you’re buying???

 Cruise Tour videos are designed to help you make informed decisions about which activities are best for YOU as you Explore Ashore!

Here are a few helpful tips about Cruise Tour videos.

  • Cruise lines often have different names for the same tour.  Cruise Tours videos focus on tour content, so our names will likely be different than the ones used by your cruise lines. 

               · Where cruise lines might use “highlights of” or “get to know”, we call this “Essential”.

               · Tours that involve a minimum of walking are our “Take It Easy” tours.

               · “DIY” tours are those that feature independent sightseeing, either with a private vehicle or with a transfer then time on your own.

               · Some destinations have several popular attractions that can be combined into one tour.  Those are included in our “Combine & Conquer” videos.


  • Restaurants used for meals or refreshments are generally not specified.  Cruise lines need to be flexible with dining venues in order to accommodate size of the group, day of the week, etc.  The exception to this is when the dining venue is integral to the tour.  For example, if you select a tour in Quebec that includes tea or a meal at the Chateau Frontenac, we’ll reference that iconic hotel.


  • Explore Ashore! has no financial interest in the tour companies, so we do not advocate for or suggest one tour over another.  Pick the excursion that you think will provide the best experience for YOU in each port-of-call.


  • Details about shore excursions are designed to be flexible.  Explore Ashore! endeavors to be as accurate as possible in Cruise Tours content.  Bear in mind that cruise lines may alter excursion content at any time, including after we have finished the video for a tour.